Frequently asked Q & A

Q: What are the best cosmetic skincare and body retail products you offer?


A: To be honest ALL of our cosmetic skincare and body retail products are of the highest quality and are made to fit the needs of our consumers. We offer a range of different products including; Senna, Coola, Le Meiux, Infinity Sun, Farmhouse and so many more! The products that we use are of celebrity quality because we believe that everyone deserves that red carpet treatment. To ask which of these retail products are of the best quality would be an unfair question because they all hold their own purpose and unique qualities. Our cosmetic skincare and body retail products have a very broad range of offerings, which include; special anti-aging properties, organic and gluten free ingredients, skin regenerative qualities, and so much more!


Q: How far in advance should I book a makeup artist?


A: A professional makeup artist should be booked six months in advance to ensure the date requested is open.


Q: I don’t wear makeup, what are the benefits to having a professional makeup artist on the wedding day?


A: Wearing makeup does not mean that it needs to be a heavy application.  The benefits to hiring a professional makeup artist are to guarantee that your professional photos look the best they can possibly look.  All photos are taken in HD High Res, and this means every pore and every flaw will be visible. Airbrush makeup helps to conceal the flaws while still allowing the client to look very natural in person.


Q: Are your products sanitary?


A: As a professional makeup artist we take every pro-caution to insure that the highest standards are met. All products are sprayed with Beauty So Clean in between clients, and brushes are sanitized and washed before every apt, and in between clients.


Q: Will my makeup last the entire day?


A: YES! Airbrush makeup is known for its durability against the environment. Airbrush makeup is sweat proof and water resistant.


Q: Who else has professional makeup done on the wedding day?


A: The entire bridal party can benefit from professional makeup on the day of.  When the makeup on the bridal party looks cohesive then the pictures look balanced. If your bridal party members are worried about the cost, then address this with the artist, we can suggest some products that are affordable and durable for the wedding day so they may do their own makeup themselves and still look great!


Q: What exactly is The Makeup Parlour?


A: The Makeup Parlour is a makeup studio located in Niagara Falls, New York. We are dedicated to bring the best quality products and services to Niagara Falls, and that is what separates us from other makeup studios. We go above and beyond to only offer the best to our clientele, because it is their opinion that matters. We bring the services and products that are used on celebrity clientele and we make it available to everyone! Whether you are in need of services for everyday life, like our Minkys Lash Extensions and our Infinity Spray Tanning, or you need to be confident that you will look your best on a special occasion with our Studio Services, you can be confident that we will bring the quality and services that you need and deserve!


Q: How do I choose my makeup artist?


A: Look for a makeup artist that makes you feel comfortable, your makeup is a reflection of you.  Ask the artist for professional references, portfolio, and website information. When looking over a makeup artists work check to make sure the work is current and no more than a year old. Most importantly make sure the photos represented in the portfolio are images that the artist created, with Photoshop and other resources many portray to be professionals. 


Q: Why should I book with a Senior Artist?


A: When the key artist is unavailable the senior artist is then booked for the job.  The senior artist is a very talented and skilled artist whom the Key artist TRUSTS will do the very best job. The senior artist is more than capable of handling an entire bridal party, and also assists in large wedding parties. 







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