We are proud to bring Minkys Lash Extensions to Niagara Falls, New York! Minkys Lashes are professional eyelash extensions that look, feel, and wear like your own beautiful lashes. It is a new and very exciting product because it creates thicker, longer, and natural looking eyelashes. They are:

          Semi-Permanent: these lashes last several weeks

          Great for not only special occasions, but also for regular everyday wear

          Water Resistant: you can shower and swim with these lashes worry free

          They come in various lengths, thicknesses, and colors

          Natural Look: these lashes have an all-natural beautiful look. With a natural curl you can say goodbye to that eyelash curler!

          Natural Feel: These lashes are light and feel just like your own!

          Natural Wear: Minkys Lashes are perfect for daily wear! These extensions are  durable so you can go about your normal routine worry free. They last for weeks at a time and eliminate the need for mascara.



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