Intro to Airbrush

Airbrush makeup is a very light mist of air mixed with makeup.  The process is very simple and takes minutes to complete. Airbrush makeup leaves a flawless finish, no matter what condition the skin is in.


Temptu created the first silicone based airbrush foundation. The Temptu SB makeup is lightweight, sweat proof and gives a soft-focus glow to the skin.  This is a contrast from the previous water based formulations, which gives the skin a matte appearance. The SB Silicone formulation combines the durability of the Dura (aqua) with the smooth silky texture of the SB formulation.


Water based Vs. Silicone based


Water based formulations set on the skin very quickly, this does not give the artist time to make corrections or to blend with fingertips. The silicone-based formulations give the artist time to blend if necessary, and it gives the skin a smooth appearance.

Silicone based formulations will NOT streak if the client sheds tears of joy, meanwhile, the water based formulation will leave a tear trail down the cheek.


Photographers are now shooting with HD High res cameras, these cameras are known for the unflattering capturing of the skins imperfections.  When airbrush makeup is used the camera picks up the soft focus glow, which looks seamless on camera. With the high cost of todays wedding photographers it is important for brides to choose a makeup artist who is well versed in the HD technology. A good makeup professional compliments the photographers work, which will alleviate time spent retouching the clients skin from discoloration or acne scars. This will also help to save the client money from postproduction retouching fees. 


Temptu is the #1 choice of industry professionals, for television, movies, and brides! 


Stephanie Signorelli trained all of The Makeup Parlour artists, and artist assistants on the airbrush machines. 




*Will last up to 16hrs

*Lightweight, flawless finish

*Won't rub off or transfer

*Refreshing mist of air


Image courtesy of Temptu Pro

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